Guide to understanding Duolingo's new learning path

Here's a helpful glossary and guide to get you started on the Duolingo's exciting redesign of the home screen.

For a full FAQ on the new learning path, you can check it out here or take a peek at our blog.




The home screen is now designed as a path that you’ll follow step by step.


The circles in the path are called levels. One level is equivalent to 1 crown level of a skill on the old home screen.


When you tap on a level, you’ll start a lesson. There are about 5 lessons each level. The ring around the circle shows your progress through lessons for that level. Tap ‘Start’ and begin your learning journey! 


Your learning path is divided into units, which introduce new concepts (e.g. “Use the present tense” or “Describe your family”). 


At the start of each unit is a guidebook packed with grammar tips and useful phrases. The guidebook can be accessed any time, even when you complete the unit. NOTE: Guidebooks are not available for all languages.

Unity trophy

Once you complete all the levels in a unit, you’ll complete a challenge to earn your unit trophy. You’ll also have the option to earn the Legendary trophy for each unit. NOTE: Super subscribers have unlimited attempts at Legendary. 


When you complete a set of Legendary challenges, your Legendary status will apply to an entire unit.


You may see reward chests throughout your learning path. Once you reach a chest, tap to receive your gem reward. You must open the chest in order to continue further in the path.


Your gems are safe and sound! You can earn gems through chests in your learning path, earning XP, achievements, etc. Not enough gems? You can purchase a bundle of gems through the Shop tab. 


XP (or experience points) is still here to stay! You will earn XP by completing levels on your learning path (typically 10-30 XP). You can also earn XP through Ramp Up, Legendary challenges, and the Practice Hub. 


A streak is the number of days in a row you have completed a lesson. Once you complete a lesson, your streak will increase by 1 day.


Our beloved stories and characters will be directly in the learning path! NOTE: Stories are not available for all languages. See more info here 


Get to know your tabs

Course selector


Top bar

Tap the flag to start learning the course of your choice. You can also tap + to add another language course to learn. NOTE: If you are a Super Duolingo subscriber, your Mastery Quiz is available here.



Top bar

Tap here to view how many days in a row you’ve kept up your language learning habit.



Top bar

Tap here to spend your hard-earned gems on a streak freeze, timer boost, and more.



Top bar

Tap here to see how many hearts you have, and for the option to do a practice session or pay gems to refill hearts. NOTE: If you are a Super Duolingo subscriber, you will see a Super icon instead.

Super Duolingo


Top bar

If you’re a Super subscriber, tap here to manage your Super Duolingo account.

Levels/learning path


Bottom tab

Tap here to get to the home screen, where you’ll follow the learning path step by step. 




Bottom tab

For certain courses that use non-Roman scripts, tap here for lessons focused on learning the letters or characters and their sounds and meaning. 

Practice Hub


Bottom tab

For Super subscribers, tap here to access the Practice Hub, which offers personalized practice that reviews previous mistakes, listening, and speaking.

Challenges (XP/Monthly goals)


Bottom tab

Tap here to track your XP progress towards the monthly challenge. All of your monthly badges will be displayed here. 



Bottom tab

Tap here to see your position in the leaderboards and to try Ramp Up challenges.


More_active.png Bottom tab

Tap here to view additional tabs.



Bottom tab

Tap here to see your friends and followers, friend updates, and your statistics and achievements. Tap the gear icon to access Settings, where you can make adjustments to your Duolingo account, daily goal, accessibility, and notification preferences. 



Bottom tab

Tap here to get the latest scoop on new features in Duolingo, plus insights and tips about making the most of language learning.