FAQ: Duolingo's new learning path

Notice anything new? We are redesigning our home screen to bring you a more effective way of learning. 

Your new path was crafted by learning experts to better guide you step by step so you’ll see the right lesson at just the right time. The new path is designed to make concepts stick with you by mixing older lessons with new material. 

We understand that this is a BIG change for our learners! We are always listening to your feedback!


Check out our helpful glossary as a helpful guide. You can also read more about the resign on our blog here.


Why did you decide to make this change? 

We noticed that our learners were struggling with how to best learn with Duolingo. There were many paths to take: should I complete a skill or should I bounce between different skills? With this redesign, we wanted to update the home screen with a simplified learning path.  

The update will more clearly guide you through your course, and better integrate some of our most innovative and beloved features into the learning path, like Stories and Tips (for courses where they’re available).


Who will see these changes and when?

We started with our new iOS users in March. Then we will slowly transition existing Duolingo accounts on iOS; Android and Web users soon to follow. We hope to make the transition complete by the end of the summer/early Fall. 

With any big change, please note that this timeline may alter. 


What are the big changes?

Learn all about what changed and why here


What existing features are being moved?

  • Stories → now integrated into your learning path
  • Shop → now located on the top bar (gem icon) next to your streak
  • Super Duolingo account management → now located in the top row with the “S” icon (Super previously known as Duolingo Plus

We suggest checking out the ‘Get to know your tabs’ section to familiarize yourself with your NEW and moved tabs. 


Where are the skill names? 

When you tap on a circle (level), you’ll see a popup with information about the lesson topic. You can also look at the header for each unit for information about the new concepts you’ll learn. We revised them to be a bit more descriptive, for example, “get directions” instead of “City 3.”


How was my progress transferred to this new version?

We took care to preserve your hard work! If you’re curious about how progress was migrated, see the FAQs in our blog post.


You may also see a longer learning path. It may feel like a long scroll, so we’ve included a handy floating arrow button (↓) in the bottom right corner. Stay tuned! We’re exploring ways to improve how you can navigate more easily through longer courses.


My entire course is completed (gold).What can I do now? 

If your entire course is gold, you can head back to each unit and complete the Legendary challenges. 

Here are some other options to keep learning and practicing: 

  • Tap a completed (gold) level in your path to revisit specific content
  • Review content in unit guidebooks
  • Explore Duolingo podcasts  for fascinating, immersive stories
  • Attend an online Duolingo Class to have conversations with other learners and earn XP!
  • Listen to audio lessons (currently available for Spanish and French on iOS)
  • Tap the heart icon on the top bar of the home screen to start a practice lesson.
  • For Super subscribers, you can visit the Practice Hub tab to choose from several sets of personalized practice sessions. 
  • Ready for a new challenge? Start learning another language!


How will I measure my overall progress in a course? 

It’s totally up to you as a learner. If you prefer consistency, your streak is a perfect indicator for learning prowess. Also, you can use your unit placement in the learning path. Example: In the French course, you are currently up to Unit 100 (out of a total of 199 units).

For Super subscribers, you can use the Mastery Quiz to measure your overall progress in the course.


Can I go back and revisit specific lessons and Stories?

Yes, you can tap a completed (gold) level and completed story in your path to revisit specific content.


What happened to crowns? 

One level (each circle in the path) is equivalent to 1 crown level of a skill on the old home screen. All of your progress was transferred to the new version, but now instead of crowns to track your progress, you can see how you’re progressing down the path.


What happened to my Stories progress?

Stories are placed in the new path so their content is aligned to the difficulty level of lessons. This means that initially you may see some stories you previously read, but as we’ve said before, practice and review are important to progress! 


What happened to my Legendary progress? 

We made sure you’ll get credit for your previous Legendary levels. If more than 50% of the levels in a unit belong to skills that you previously achieved Legendary status in, we will upgrade you to Legendary status in that unit.

Now, when you complete a set of Legendary challenges, your Legendary status will apply to an entire unit, rather than a single skill.


What about XP? 

You will still earn XP by completing lessons and levels in your learning path. You can view the XP earned towards your daily goal by tapping the Challenges tab   (trophy icon). 


Can I disable the animations?

You won’t be able to remove our characters in the learning path, but you can disable animations in lessons. Learn more here.


What happened to checkpoints?

Checkpoints and checkpoint quizzes are replaced by a similar challenge at the end of each unit.


Will this change any of my Super Duolingo subscription features?

You will still keep your favorite Super features, including:

  • Unlimited Hearts: won’t be be penalized for mistakes (tap Super icon)
  • Practice Hub: personalized mistakes practice will have their own tab (barbell icon)
  • Ad-free learning

NOTE: Skill test-outs no longer exist. Instead, if lessons feel too easy, scroll to the next locked unit and tap the circle that says “Jump here”. If you pass the test, you’ll unlock that unit!