What are Friend Updates?

Once you follow a friend in Duolingo, you can encourage and motivate each other as you reach key learning milestones. This can range from completing a 7-day streak to finishing the top 3 of their leaderboard. To celebrate a friend’s learning accomplishment, please follow the instructions detailed below. 


iOS/Android app

  1. Tap Profile tab (face icon)
  2. Tap ‘Friend Updates’
  3. Scroll and long-press ‘Celebrate’ for any friend’s achievement you’d like to celebrate. You can choose from a selection of fun emojis
  4. Once your friend opens their app, they will see your congratulatory message by tapping on the emoji (bottom-right)

NOTE: You can also share your personal milestones by tapping the ‘Share’ button and selecting the social platform. 



  1. Tap on Profile 
  2. Go to ‘Friends Updates
  3. Tap on ‘Celebrate’ and choose your emoji



How do I disable these updates? 

To disable these friend updates, you will need to set your Duolingo account to private.

  1. On web, tap Profile 
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Tap ‘Privacy Settings
  4. De-select ‘Make My Profile Public’

NOTE: By making your profile public, this will disable friend updates, the leaderboard experience, and the ability to friend other learners on Duolingo.