General questions about Family Plan

What is a Family Plan?

A Family Plan is where the primary account holder/ family manager can share a Super Duolingo annual subscription and all of its amazing features with up to five (5) other Duolingo users, totaling six (6) members per Family Plan.

Currently, all free/non-Super learners can subscribe to the Family Plan through the following platforms: the Android app, the iOS app, and desktop/mobile web. 


Can I use the Family Plan for the monthly subscription? 

No, the Family Plan is only eligible for the 12 month subscription. It is an auto-renewing subscription that is billed annually. It is NOT billed monthly. 


How much is the Family Plan?

To view the price of Family Plan, please follow steps 1-3 outlined here. The price of Family Plan will be detailed in your country's currency. 


If I join/start a Family Plan, will it affect my current progress and/or streak? 

When you join, start or leave a Family Plan, your skill progress and streak will not be affected whatsoever. The Family Plan unlocks specific perks and features (i.e. unlimited hearts, ad-free learning), it will not reset or remove skill progress in a course.


Do the members on my Family Plan need to learn the same language?

No!  You can all learn any language (and as many languages) as you each would like. 


Do all members need to be in the same location/household?

No!  That's the beauty of this Family Plan, you can invite your family AND friends. You can invite any free user to the plan, no matter the location.


Can I upgrade an existing individual Plan to a Family Plan? 

You can upgrade any Apple and Google Play individual subscription to a Family Plan. At this time, we don't have the ability to upgrade an individual subscription if purchased via web. Learn more here.


How does this work with Apple’s Family Sharing? 

Our Super Duolingo family plan does not interact with Apple’s Family Sharing model.