How can I manage my Family Plan subscription?

Only the family manager can manage the subscription. If you are the family manager, you can manage your Family Plan through your in-app settings:

  • Cancel plan (must be cancelled based on how you originally subscribed)
  • Add or remove members
  • Tap on family members’ names/icons to see their profile

How do I remove a member from my Family Plan?

If you are the family manager, you can remove a family member from your family plan by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Super badge in the Duolingo app.
  2. In the Family Plan section, tap ‘Manage’
  3. Tap ‘EDIT’
  4. Tap the the member that needs to be removed
  5. Confirm by tapping ‘Remove from Plan’

NOTE: Members added to the Family Plan do have the ability remove themselves. 

How can I cancel my Family Plan subscription? 

Only the family manager can cancel the Family Plan subscription. You can cancel your subscription by following the directions outlined here. Cancelling the Family Plan subscription will not affect your learning progress or streak. 

NOTE: If you cancel the renewal, all family members will no longer have access to Super features once the subscription expires.