How do I accept an invite to a Family Plan?

NOTE: If you are an existing subscriber, you cannot be added to a Duolingo Family Plan.

I've been invited to a Family Plan. How do I accept my invite?

  1. Tap the invitee link sent from the family manager
  2. Duolingo app will open with an invitation to join the plan. Tap ‘Accept Invite’
  3. Confirm Duolingo account by tapping ‘Join Family Plan’
  4. You’re all set to learn with Super Duolingo!

NOTE: If you do not have a Duolingo account already setup, you will be prompted to create a Duolingo account and profile once you tap the invitee link. 



My invite to join a Family Plan expired.  How do I receive the invite again?
If your invitation expired, please reach out to the family manager to send you the invite again. 

NOTE: Invite links are active for one (1) week only. 

I don’t want to be in a Family Plan. How do I leave the Family Plan?  

Only the family manager can remove a member from the family plan. Please reach out to the family manager of your plan, and they can remove you.  


I already have a Super Duolingo subscription. Can I join a Family Plan?

Existing subscribers cannot join a Family Plan. Once you accept an invite from the family manager, you will notice a pop-up message that you already have a Super subscription.