How do I invite members to my Family Plan?

NOTE: Existing Super subscribers cannot join another user's Duolingo Family Plan. They will need to cancel the renewal and wait for their subscription to expire


How do I invite someone to my plan?

The family manager can send the invite link to any eligible Duolingo user via iMessage, Whatsapp, email, and more. Once they receive the link, they'll have to accept the invite in order to be added to your Family Plan. 

  1. Tap the Super icon
  2. In the Super dashboard, tap ‘Add Members/Manage’
  3. Select your method: Text Message/SMS, Whatsapp, email, etc.
  4. Confirm and send the invitation via the method chosen.




How will I know when someone I've invited has joined my plan?

Once the member accepts the terms via the invite link, they will appear in your "Family Group.”


How do I invite my child to my Family Plan?
Learners under the age of 13 will have private profiles since we restrict social settings. With that, we recommend that you send your invite link directly to them via email or SMS text.
  1. In your Family Plan dashboard, tap ‘Add Member’
  2. Select ‘Text Message’ if you want to send the link via SMS text. They can then click the link via their text message. It will open the Duolingo app where they can tap ‘Accept Invite’
  3. OR tap ‘More options’.
  4. Select the Email option to send the invite link to an email address that you can access on your child’s device.  Then open the email on their device and click the invite link. It will open the app where they can accept the invite.



How do I add multiple Duolingo accounts to my plan if they are on the same device?

If you want to invite a family member that shares a device with you, the family manager should see their names available in the ‘Manage Family’ dashboard. 

  1. Go to the ‘Manage Family’ dashboard 
  2. Other accounts will be detailed that access the shared device. Tap ‘Add’.
  3. Confirm by tapping ‘Add to Plan’

Once that member logs back into their Duolingo account on the shared device, they will be immediately added to the plan. 

NOTE: Invite links are active for one (1) week only. If the link expires, please generate and send a new invite link