Forum Announcement + FAQ

The forums are now removed from Duolingo’s website. This means all discussions and posts in our forums are no longer accessible, except Sentence Discussions. This change took effect on March 22nd, 2022. 



What were Duolingo forums?

Forums were an online platform where native speakers and learners could exchange language tips, discuss the best resources, and help one another with their learning. 


Which forums were removed?

All Duolingo forum pages, except Sentence Discussions, are removed and no longer accessible.


When were the forums removed?

We sunset the forums on March 22, 2022. You will no longer be able to view or make new posts/comments in the forums. 


What happened to all the existing content from the forums?

All existing posts and comments are no longer accessible by learners since forums were sunset on March 22, 2022. 


How can I preserve the content from my favorite forum posts?

You will be able to download your previous post data through Duolingo Data Vault until May 1. NOTE: After May 1, 2022, that forum data will be removed.


What will happen to Sentence Discussions?

Sentence discussions are currently online as read-only. Previously, Android and web users were able to participate in sentence discussions. However, they are now read-only across all platforms. We highly encourage you to continue to ‘report’ translations and exercises by tapping the flag icon. Learn more here. Our team monitors these reports and we appreciate your help.


If I want to report a bug or receive support, what should I do?

If you think Duolingo isn’t working as expected, you can submit a bug report. Please note that bug reports don’t always get a follow-up reply, but our developers monitor them to improve the experience for all learners. For general support, you can visit our Help Center and search the articles for answers to common questions.


Where can I meet other Duolingo fans and find communities about Duolingo?

There is an unofficial Duolingo Discord server for learners of any language where people can chat and practice. Many of our forum regulars and moderators are members. It’s free for anyone to join.

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