How to access Duolingo offline

Plus and FREE learners can now access lessons offline in the Android and iOS app. These upcoming lessons will be automatically downloaded for you. 

How does this work?

For Android users, the lessons will be downloaded in advance when your device is idle. If you have the iOS app, your lessons will be automatically downloaded when you’re active in the app. As you complete lessons while connected to WiFi, you’ll have more lessons available offline. 

Once you’re ready to learn offline, enable airplane mode and you will see a banner 'You’re offline'. You will notice skills available offline, a lesson will be available in each unlocked skill. After you complete a lesson, you can reconnect to WiFi/data. 

NOTE: You may notice some skills that are greyed out. Those skills are not available while offline. 


What will be available offline? 

There will be some variation. To ensure you have ample storage space on your mobile device, we will have a selection of unlocked skills and lessons automatically available. It should be about 1 lesson per unlocked skill.   


Can this be disabled? 

No, this feature cannot be disabled. 


I’m not seeing any skills available for offline learning! What should I do? 

For Android users, we will download these lessons while your device is idle. We recommend closing the app for a bit or shutting down your device, then returning to complete your lessons offline.

For iOS users, we recommend completing more lessons while on WiFi. The lessons will download when the app is open and your device is unlocked/on. 


How much space will be used for these downloads?

Not much space! You’re also more than welcome to clear up space in your device’s settings. There are no settings available in the Duolingo app to manage these downloads. 


When I return online, will my progress be saved? 

Yes, when you enter a strong WiFi connection, your offline progress will sync. 


I subscribed to Duolingo Plus for offline lessons, what are the other features of a Plus subscription? 

You can still learn on the go while you enjoy your other amazing Plus subscriber perks:

  • Ad-free learning
  • Unlimited hearts
  • Mistakes review
  • Unlimited attempts to reach Legendary in a skill
  • And more…

You can learn more here