Ratings and reviews

What is our ratings and reviews system?

General Information

Reviews are a way for hosts to showcase their past efforts, and for attendees to provide feedback and show appreciation for hosts. They also help other attendees choose events that are right for them.

  • After attending an event, attendees can leave feedback for an event, including an overall rating, a public review and private feedback for the host.
  • Overall ratings and reviews are shown when a host has at least 3 attendee reviews.


Host Stats

A hosts’ average rating and number of events hosted is displayed on their host page and event pages:

  • Events hosted data is as of Aug 2019
  • Average rating and reviews is as of Jan 2021



Event Series Stats

5 additional ratings are displayed on events that are part of an Event Series.




Attendees’ public reviews will also be displayed on host pages and on event series. 



What is our content policy for reviews?

Reviews Content Policy

Duolingo is a global community of language learners. By following these guidelines, we all contribute to a safe and helpful learning community. We expect that all reviews:


Do not violate our Community Guidelines

We do not tolerate content that violates our Community Guidelines:

  • Illegal
  • Pornographic
  • Excessively profane or violent
  • Spam
  • Threatening, harassing, or bullying
  • Associated with racism or intolerance
  • Impersonating someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  • Personal confidential information
  • Cheating


Are relevant to the attendee’s event experience

If a review contains no or mostly relevant information about a host or event, or is focused on something beyond the control of the event host, the review may be removed.


Are not left by an abusive or disruptive user

If a review is associated with an account in violation of our Community Guidelines, all reviews associated with that account will also be removed.


Can reviews be removed?

Reviews left by users that violate community guidelines or our terms of service are not included in your public ratings and reviews. If you see behavior that may go against our Reviews Policy, please contact us at events@duolingo.com to report it.


Duplicate reviews are not included in your public ratings and reviews. If a duplicate review is detected, we use the first submission in our overall calculation.