How do I set my daily goal?

When you create your Duolingo account, you can choose a daily goal. Selecting a daily goal will help you stay motivated while learning a language. This can range from Casual (10 XP) to Intense (50 XP), please see below for more info. 

  • Casual = 10 XP
  • Regular = 20 XP
  • Serious = 30 XP
  • Intense = 50 XP 

You can change your goal at any time! You can adjust your daily goal via desktop web here. If you have the Android/iOS app, please complete the following steps:

  1. Tap the Profile tab (face icon)
  2. Tap Settings/gear icon
  3. Scroll and tap 'Edit Daily Goal'
  4. Make any necessary changes, then tap 'Save'