How does the referral program work?

With our referral program, for every 1 person you refer and sign up for a Duolingo account, you receive a free week of Super Duolingo!

How to send referrals:

  1. From  your profile page, scroll down and select “Invite Friends”

  2. Share link with friends or share on Facebook/Twitter


iOS/Android App

  1. From your profile page click ‘Invite Friends’

  2. Send a link via WhatsApp, Text, or other options you find below.

How to claim referrals:
Referral rewards can be claimed in the app when someone uses your referral link to sign up for a new Duolingo account. Once the friend creates their account through the link, you will see a notification in the app to manually claim your reward. Your free Super Duolingo period will start once you tap "Claim Now".

Referrals are automatic.  In the case that your friend has not created a new account, has an existing account, or did not use your referral link to sign up, the referral reward will not be provided.

All FREE referral subscriptions will end after 7 days, you will not be billed whatsoever. 

Max amount of referrals allowed: 24 weeks