Paid events pilot FAQ

Duolingo Events is currently conducting a pilot program where we give a small number of hosts the option to charge for their events. Here are answers to common questions about the pilot:


What is the cancellation and refund policy for paid events?

  • Ticket holders get a full refund if they cancel more than 24 hours before an event starts.
  • Tickets are non-refundable if canceled less than 24 hours before an event starts. 
  • Ticket holders get a full refund if a host cancels or does not show up to an event.
  • Tickets cannot apply to future events (changes are not permitted).
  • If an event does not occur, Duolingo will issue refunds to ticket holders. Learners can also ask for a refund by sending a request to Requests must include the day, time, language and host of the event.
  • If an event does not meet expectations, learners should report the problem in the feedback form that they receive after the event; however they are not eligible for refunds.

Can I host a paid event?

If you’re interested in helping learners of all backgrounds speak your language, we welcome you to apply to host with us! We’re currently working with a small number of hosts to test paid events. Please note that paid event hosts must sign up with Stripe to receive payouts, and must be in a region supported by Stripe.


What’s the difference between a free and a paid event?

Every Duolingo event is different depending on the host, level, format or activity. The best way to find out what to expect is to read the event description or contact the host for any questions. We welcome you to share your thoughts about the events you attend in the feedback form you receive after each event.


Why do some events cost more than others?

Event hosts who are part of our Paid events pilot set their own prices for each event. Some hosts may charge more because they have a high demand for their events, or may have extra expenses like movie licenses, cooking supplies, or software subscriptions.


How are payments processed for paid events?

We use Stripe, which is a world class, secure payment platform that can process event ticket purchases, payouts, and refunds automatically.


Does Duolingo take a service fee?

Duolingo retains a 20% service fee, and covers any card processing and Stripe fees. Hosts receive 80% of ticket sales via Stripe. Hosts that are part of the paid events pilot can set up payouts via Stripe by clicking “Payouts” on the Duolingo Events homepage.


Who can I contact with questions?

Please contact us anytime at with questions about paid events. We always look forward to hearing from you!