Family Plan FAQ


NOTE: If you do NOT see Family Plan pricing because of the NYE promotion, you will need to wait until the promotion ends (48 hrs). Then you will see Family Plan pricing.


If you are an existing Plus subscriber, you cannot be added to a Duolingo Family Plan.

General Information: 

What is a Family Plan?

A Family Plan is where the primary account holder/ family manager can share a Duolingo Plus annual subscription and all of its amazing features with up to five (5) other Duolingo users, totaling six (6) members per Family Plan.

Currently, all free/non-Plus learners can subscribe to the Family Plan through the following platforms: the Android app, the iOS app, and desktop/mobile web. 


Can I use the Family Plan for the monthly subscription? 

No, the Family Plan is only eligible for the 12 month subscription. It is an auto-renewing subscription that is billed annually. It is NOT billed monthly. 


How can I subscribe to the Family Plan? 

Currently, you can subscribe to the Family Plan via the Duolingo Android app or Duolingo iOS app or desktop/mobile web. You will need one (1) family manager to subscribe. Then they can invite up to five (5) other Duolingo users to their plan. NOTE: No matter how you subscribe, the family members can access the Plus subscription features across all platforms. 

Android/iOS instructions:

  1. Tap the Shop tab
  2. On the Plus banner, tap on the white button to try/get Plus
  3. On the purchase page, tap “View all Plans”
  4. Tap on the Family Plan option (tapping will directly start the purchase)
  5. Confirm the purchase

Web instructions:

  1. Tap the Shop tab or go to this link once logged into your Duolingo account
  2. On the Plus banner, tap on the white button to try/get Plus
  3. On the purchase page, tap “View all Plans”
  4. Tap on the Family Plan option
  5. Enter credit card details
  6. Confirm the purchase

How much is the Family Plan?

To view the price of Family Plan, please follow the above steps 1-3. The price of Family Plan will be detailed in your country's currency. 


If I join/start a Family Plan, will it affect my current progress? 

When you join, start or leave a Family Plan, your skill progress and streak will not be affected whatsoever. The Family Plan unlocks specific perks and features (i.e. unlimited hearts, ad-free learning), it will not reset or remove skill progress in a course.


How does this work with Apple’s Family Sharing? 

Our Duolingo Plus family plan does not interact with Apple’s Family Sharing model. 


Upgrading your existing subscription to a Family Plan: 

NOTE: If you are an existing Plus subscriber via Google Play/Android or desktop web, we currently do NOT have the capability to upgrade an existing subscription to the Family Plan. You will need to cancel your existing individual subscription and subscribe when it expires. 

If you are an iOS subscriber, please follow instructions below. 


I already have Duolingo Plus. How can I upgrade to the Family Plan? 

If you are an existing Plus subscriber via Apple/iOS, you can upgrade your existing subscription to a Family Plan (see instructions below).  NOTE: If a subscription is already set to cancel/expire, you won't be able to upgrade. 


Apple/iOS instructions: 

You can upgrade your subscription from your individual package to the Family Plan. Please note that you will be charged immediately for the Family Plan, and then Apple will process a prorated refund based on the remainder of your individual subscription. Please follow these steps:

  1. Open Duolingo app on your iOS device
  2. Tap Profile tab
  3. Tap Settings (far-right)
  4. Scroll to Duolingo Plus section and tap "Manage Subscription"
  5. Tap 'Change Plan'
  6. Select ‘Family Plan' package and confirm by tapping 'Switch to Family Plan' button
  7. Confirm purchase via Apple 

Once you successfully upgrade to the Family Plan, you can manage the Family Plan by tapping the Plus icon in the app and then tap “Manage Family”. 

NOTE: If you are currently subscribed to Plus but have canceled the renewal, you will not see this option to upgrade. In the iOS app tap ‘Keep my Subscription’ and hard close/reopen the app. Then you can follow the above steps to upgrade your current subscription to Family Plan.


Inviting members to a Family Plan:

How do I invite someone to my plan?

The family manager can send the invite link to any eligible Duolingo user via iMessage, Whatsapp, email, and more. Once they receive the link, they'll have to accept the invite in order to be added to your Family Plan. 

  1. Tap the Plus icon
  2. In the Plus dashboard, tap ‘Manage Family’
  3. Tap ‘Add Member’
  4. Select your method: Text Message/SMS, Whatsapp, email, etc.
  5. Confirm and send the invitation via the method chosen.




How will I know when someone I've invited has joined my plan?

Once the member accepts the terms via the invite link, you will receive an email notifying you the new member added to your plan. They will appear in your "Family Group.”


Can I add a family member who is already a Plus subscriber?

Existing Plus subscribers cannot join a Family Plan. If you send a link to an existing Plus subscriber and they attempt to join a Family Plan, they will receive a notice that they already have Plus. 


Can I add a family member if they don’t have an iOS or Android device?

Yes, any app or desktop web user can be invited to the Family Plan. Only the family manager needs to subscribe via Google Play or Apple and manage the Family Plan via the app on their personal device. 


How do I invite my child to my Family Plan?
Learners under the age of 13 will have private profiles since we restrict social settings. With that, we recommend that you send your invite link directly to them via email or SMS text.
  1. In your Family Plan dashboard, tap ‘Add Member’
  2. Select ‘Text Message’ if you want to send the link via SMS text. They can then click the link via their text message. It will open the Duolingo app where they can tap ‘Accept Invite’
  3. OR tap ‘More options’.
  4. Select the Email option to send the invite link to an email address that you can access on your child’s device.  Then open the email on their device and click the invite link. It will open the app where they can accept the invite. 


How do I add multiple Duolingo accounts to my plan if they are on the same device?

If you want to invite a family member that shares a device with you, the family manager should see their names available in the ‘Manage Family’ dashboard. 

  1. Go to the ‘Manage Family’ dashboard 
  2. Other accounts will be detailed that access the shared device. Tap ‘Add’.
  3. Confirm by tapping ‘Add to Plan’

Once that member logs back into their Duolingo account on the shared device, they will be prompted to accept the Family Plan invitation. 

NOTE: Invite links are active for one (1) week only. If the link expires, please generate and send a new invite link



Accepting a Family Plan Invite:

I've been invited to a Family Plan. How do I accept my invite?

  1. Tap the invitee link sent from the family manager
  2. Duolingo app will open with an invitation to join the plan. Tap ‘Accept Invite’
  3. Confirm Duolingo account by tapping ‘Join Family Plan’
  4. You’re all set to learn with Duolingo Plus!

NOTE: If you do not have a Duolingo account already setup, you will be prompted to create a Duolingo account and profile once you tap the invitee link. 



My invite to join a Family Plan expired.  How do I receive the invite again?
If your invitation expired, please reach out to the family manager to send you the invite again. 

NOTE: Invite links are active for one (1) week only. 

I don’t want to be in a Family Plan. How do I leave the Family Plan?  

Only the family manager can remove a member from the family plan. Please reach out to the family manager of your plan, and they can remove you.  


I already have a Duolingo Plus subscription. Can I join a Family Plan?

Existing Plus subscribers cannot join a Family Plan. Once you accept an invite from the family manager, you will notice a pop-up message that you already have a Plus subscription. 



Managing a Family Plan:

How can I manage my Plus Family Plan settings?

Only the family manager can manage the subscription via the Duolingo iOS or Android app. If you are the family manager, you can manage your family plan via Plus settings and the Plus dashboard to:

  • Cancel plan
  • Add members via link and delete members
  • Tap on family members’ names/icons to see their profile
  • View the plan’s next renewal date



How do I remove a member from my Family Plan?

Only the family manager can remove a member. If you are the family manager, you can remove a family member from your family plan by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Plus badge/fab in the Duolingo app.
  2. In the Family Plan section, tap ‘Manage Family’
  3. Tap ‘EDIT’
  4. Tap the the member that needs to be removed
  5. Confirm by tapping ‘Remove from Plan’

NOTE: Members added to the Family Plan cannot remove themselves. They will need to contact the family manager to remove them from the Family Plan. 



I’m seeing ‘Private Member’ in my Family Plan. What does that mean?

If you have a “Private Member'' listed in your Family Plan, that means you have either:

  • An age restricted user in your plan. We restrict social settings for users under 13 years of age, so their profiles aren’t public.
  • A user who adjusted their Privacy settings to a private profile (as opposed to a public profile).

How can I cancel my Family Plan subscription? 

Only the family manager can cancel the Family Plan subscription. You can cancel your subscription by following the App Store directions outlined here

NOTE: If you cancel the renewal, all family members will no longer have access to Plus features once the subscription expires.