How do I enable/disable animations?

If you need to disable/enable animations in your lessons, that can be done via your device's settings or desktop web settings. Please be sure you are logged into your Duolingo account before proceeding. 


Desktop web

  1. Visit
  2.  Toggle OFF 'Animations' if you'd like to disable animations. Toggle ON 'Animations' if you prefer animations via web. 



iOS app

  1. Open your Settings app on your iOS device
  2. Scroll and tap 'Accessibility'
  3. Tap 'Motion'
  4. Toggle ON 'Reduce Motion' to disable animations. Toggle OFF to enable animations. 


Android app

  1. Tap Profile tab (Face icon)
  2. Tap Settings/gear icon
  3. Scroll to Accessibility section and toggle ON/OF 'Animations'



  1. Open Settings app on your Android device
  2. Scroll and select 'Accessibility' → Remove Animations.
  3. Toggle ON 'Remove animations' to disable animations. Toggle OFF to enable animations. 

**Android settings may vary between devices. Tip: Search for "remove animations" in your Settings app, and it should provide you with the appropriate toggle setting. 


NOTE: To disable animations on the mobile app, they must be disabled via the device's settings. Also, if you typically learn with Duolingo using the mobile app and desktop web, you will need to adjust your settings on each platform.