Promo Code FAQ

How do I enter the promo code?

  1. Visit in a browser or on mobile web.
  2. Enter promo code and click REDEEM.
  3. If you’re recognized as an eligible user, click CLAIM OFFER.
  4. Create a Duolingo profile, or log in if you already have a Duolingo.
  5. Select a monthly or annual Super Duolingo plan for after your free trial ends.
  6. Submit your credit card information (you will only be charged if you continue with Super after your free trial ends).
  7. Start learning with Super Duolingo!

NOTE: If you already have an existing Duolingo account, be sure to select 'I already have an account' on the login screen. You can also login via desktop/mobile web ( before you redeem the code. 


What platforms (web, android, iOS) can accept my promo code?

You can only enter the promo code on mobile/desktop web at the link above. However, once subscribed to Super Duolingo via your promotion code, you can access your Super features across all platforms (iOS/Android app and web).


Can I share my promo code? 

We offer unique and generic codes, so it will depend on what type of code you input.


When does my promo code expire?

The expiration date varies, however, that date will be specified when you receive your promotion code. Please note that if your promo code has expired, you cannot claim it. 


My promo code isn’t working, what do I do? 

Your promo code could yield an error for a few different reasons: 

  • The code was entered incorrectly
  • The code is no longer eligible (i.e. expired or already claimed) 
  • You are not logged into your Duolingo account (note: you will need a Duolingo account to use the promo code)
  • You are already actively subscribed to Super Duolingo
  • You are in a classroom (note: you can leave the classroom if you’d like, then re-enter the promo code)
  • If a user is age restricted (<13 years of age), they will not be able to use this promo code


I’m already subscribed to Super Duolingo. Can I use this promo code for my existing subscription

No. A promo code cannot be used retroactively for a subscription. 


What happens if I do not cancel my extended free trial? 

If you do not cancel your extended free trial, it will start your subscription and you will be billed to the payment method originally entered during checkout.  


Will I be notified when my trial is set to end? 

You will be notified via email 7 days before the free trial is set to end. If you do NOT cancel by the end of the trial period, you will be charged based on the subscription you chose at trial start. 


How do I manage my subscription? 

You can manage your Super Duolingo subscription settings here.


Will the subscription auto-renew? 

All subscriptions auto-renew unless cancelled by the user. If you cancel during your subscription, you will have your Super features until the remainder of your subscription.