How to prepare for a Duolingo Event

Get ready: you’re going to a Duolingo Event!

Here’s how to prepare for your upcoming event and what to expect:

  1. REVIEW: double-check the event details
    Be sure you know what to expect by reading the event description,  date and time, and reviewing any requirements from the host.

  2. SHOW UP: make sure you can join the event
    Not being able to join an event is really frustrating for both you and our volunteer hosts. Make sure to save a calendar reminder, test your Zoom setup, and use the 1-click “Join online event” button on the event page once the event starts.

  3. RELAX: be ready to make mistakes and have fun
    A Duolingo Event is a relaxed space to practice a language together. Hosts are there to welcome you and make you feel good. Let hosts know if you require any special accommodations or just want to listen in.

  4. CANCEL WITH CARE: be mindful of volunteer hosts and fellow learners
    If you can’t make it, please cancel your RSVP so other learners can attend the event and hosts have a great experience. We want them to keep hosting!

  5. CONTACT: hosts can answer questions
    Aren’t sure about the level, the format or what to prepare for the event? Contact the host and ask so you can decide if the event is right for you.

For questions not related to the event, contact