How do I reset or remove a language from my Profile?

You can remove a language course via desktop web and the iOS app. These actions cannot be accomplished via the Android app at this time.

One would typically remove a course if they no longer want to have that language in their account. If you'd like to restart a course (aka start with the Basics), you would want to remove the course and re-add it again.


How to remove or reset a language course?

via desktop web:

  1. Tap on your Profile picture (top-right), then select "Settings"
  2. Tap Learning Language from the menu on the right of the screen
  3. Click Manage Courses under the blue "See all language courses" button
  4. The following screen will show all the courses you've signed up for that are for the same language as your interface (base language)
  5. a) To remove a language, please tap "Remove" and confirm. b) If you want to reset a course, we recommend that you remove and then re-add the course.




via iOS app:

  1. Tap Profile tab
  2. Tap Settings (gear icon)
  3. Scroll and tap "Manage Courses"
  4. Carefully select the course you'd like to remove and then tap 'Delete course' to confirm. If you change your mind, tap 'Cancel'. 




Please be aware that removing  a course cannot be undone.

If you remove a language, you can always add it back later, but all your progress will be lost and you'll have to start the course from the beginning. 

If you have courses for other base languages, you will have to switch to those and repeat the steps for deleting the course. If only one language shows up in this screen, the "Remove" button will be disabled, and you will only be able to "Reset progress".