What are Duolingo Stories?

Duolingo Stories are a fun and engaging way to earn XP through exercises focused on reading and listening comprehension. As you make your way through each set of Stories, you'll be challenged and entertained. You can access these amazing Stories by tapping the Stories tab (book icon) on the iPhone app, Android app, and mobile/desktop web. 

Currently, you can enjoy these stories in the following languages:

  • Portuguese, Spanish, French and German for English speakers 
  • English for Portuguese speakers
  • English for Spanish speakers
  • English for Chinese speakers

Important things to note:

  • In order to access Stories, you'll need to reach the 1st checkpoint in your tree
  • You can repeat any gilded/completed Stories 
  • Duolingo Stories are NOT available offline
  • Duolingo Stories are NOT eligible for XP Boost (available every Thursday in the mobile shop)