How can I use Duolingo?

Welcome to Duolingo! You can learn with Duolingo via our iOS app, Android app, and web (mobile or desktop).

Here’s a helpful guide on how to use Duolingo:

All language courses will have a learning tree filled with helpful skills (those colorful circles). Each skill will contain 5 levels, starting with level 0. These levels will then contain individual lessons. 

As you progress through your lessons, whether completing them individually or through skill test-out (key icon), you will earn Crowns. With 5 levels in each skill, you’ll earn 5 Crowns when you successfully master a skill. Still want to practice that skill after reaching level 5? No worries, you can tap ‘Practice’ to flex your muscle with that specific skill. 


You’ll also earn XP (aka experience points) as you complete various activities in the app. To learn more about XP, read here.

Need help?

  • Some skills will have helpful tips. Tap on the skill, then the light bulb icon.
  • While in a lesson, words will be marked with a dotted line. Tap on that word, and it will offer hints. Note: Testing out of skill will not offer these hints. 
  • Check out our forum! Our Duolingo community is filled with passionate language learners that love to offer troubleshooting advice and words of encouragement so you can reach your goal!


Duolingo has a ton of fun features to offer! Check out Duolingo Stories (available in limited languages) and our Duolingo podcast (available in Spanish and French).