What are Leaderboards?

Leaderboards is a new experience where you can compete with other Duos in a league. This feature is available on the iOS/Android app and desktop web. You can earn XP and rise in the ranks of your leaderboard. Then the top ten XP performers of that league will be “promoted” to a higher tier for the next week. The bottom ten XP performers will be demoted to the previous tier. 

When do Leaderboards start?

Each weekly league starts every Monday 12am UTC. You will be paired with 50 new Duos each week. Heads up, these users may not necessarily have the same courses as you. 

What happens to the top 3? 

Congrats! You are promoted to the next league, AND you also earn Gems/Lingots for making it to the top 3.

How do you earn XP?

XP will be counted towards your weekly leaderboard through individual lessons, practice, Stories and more! You can learn more about XP here.

Note: You must do an online lesson in order to be placed in a league. Once you’re in your league for the week, all offline progress should count towards Leaderboards.

What are all the leagues?

Glad you asked! We have the following leagues (in order): 

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, Obsidian, and Diamond

How do I adjust notifications?

If you do need to adjust your notification settings for leaderboard, that can be done in the app. Head over to your Profile tab, and click Settings. Scroll down to Notifications to toggle Leaderboard notifications.

How can I remove Leaderboards?

You can disable Leaderboards via your Duolingo Web Settings here.

Where are Leaderboards?

In the Android/iOS app, you will see your Leaderboard tab towards the bottom. On desktop web, you will see your league standing towards the top-right of your screen. 

Note: If you do NOT see Leaderboards, please check your Privacy settings. If you are <13 years old, you will have limited access to social features, like Leaderboards. More info here