Why can't I access certain features, such as Flirting skill, forums or leaderboards?

There are privacy settings and legal requirements that may restrict access to certain features on Duolingo. 

  1. You may have enabled Privacy settings via your Account profile, found here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/privacy 

  2. Due to COPPA rules, it is possible that you have limited access to certain social features if you have indicated that you are under the age of 13. Please note that if you are an age restricted user, you will not see ads. 

  3. If you are a student in a Duolingo for Schools classroom, it is possible that your teacher has disabled certain features in the classroom settings. If you want these features back, you can either ask your teacher to adjust the settings, or leave your classroom.

Examples of what teachers can hide and limit:  

- Mature vocabulary (beer, wine, etc.)  
- Forum access
- Following friends
- The Flirting bonus skill  


NOTE: If you are NOT an age-restricted user and cannot access the forum:

  1. Please verify your email via desktop web settings here
  2. Check your Privacy settings here and toggle ON 'Enable Discussion forum'.