What are Crown levels?

Crowns are a feature that we believe lets us teach better. Each skill you do has a “Crown Level” associated with it. When you level up a skill, you earn a Crown, and the types of exercises you see will get harder. You can choose to go deeper into skills and level them up or continue on to new skills to learn new content.

Our mission is to create a learning experience that is fun for casual learners while still offering advanced content for serious learners. Casual learners can still go through the whole tree fairly easily, while more advanced learners can get a lot more depth by leveling up their skills and earning Crowns.

You can earn up to 5 crowns (aka 5 levels) per skill!



How do you practice a skill? What about practicing individual skills?

You can practice a skill by clicking 'Practice' on any completed golden skill. Just a heads up, practice will not have a visual effect on your tree. This means that while practice helps you review and strengthen words that need it, it does not level up skills or unlock new content by doing it.

With Crowns, we turned skill practice into more lessons. To review words in a skill, we suggest leveling up! It helps you retain the earlier lessons, and you go deeper into the skill.

What about Spaced Repetition?

We re-introduced spaced repetition at a skill level. When our spaced repetition algorithm deems it’s time to review concepts taught in a skill, the skill will turn from Level 5 gilded to a Level 5 cracked skill. The crack on a skill will not reduce the number of crowns earned, but rather signals to the learner that it’s time to review that content. Doing a practice lesson on the cracked skill will restore the skill to its full glory.

You will only see 3 cracked skills at a time. If you chose not to restore those cracked skills, that's totally okay. Your Crown total will not be affected. 

You can learn more here


Can I test out of levels?

Sure can! You can test out of level by tapping the key icon (warning: this will cost you lingots/gems). Duolingo Plus subscribers have unlimited skill test-outs. We don't want learners to binge a skill, so we recommend you don’t get to Level 5 all in one go. Level 5 is there to show that you have practiced the words in that skill a ton and probably don’t need further practice on it for quite a while.


You can read more about the science of Crowns on our Blog post