Crown level decay and spaced repetition

Will my progress decay over time?

There are no plans to make skill progress decay over time. Once you earn a crown, you get to keep it! This actually reduced a lot of confusion from learners who felt they lost progress when their skills decayed. We want our users to be able to see their knowledge growing over time with each lesson they do.

Keep in mind that if skills are added to or removed from the course, your Crown levels might change. For example, new skills will show up as incomplete, and removed skills might reduce your total number of crowns. This only happens when we make more content available or tweak existing content to improve learning, which is a continuous process.

What about spaced repetition? How do I know what to practice next?

This is something we are actively working on. There’s a lot of choice with this new system, and though some learners love that choice, others prefer recommendations for what to do. We are gathering lots of data on current usage to try to make an intelligent system that suggests the right next steps for each learner. This will take some time, but it’s really important to us.

In the meantime the practice button is always there, which takes your weakest words into account when choosing what you should practice. Our community has also shared great suggestions for what works for them. Personally, I learn new content until I feel overwhelmed, then go back and level up skills to practice and get more comfortable with things.


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