How do I verify my email address?

In order to interact with others on Duolingo, we will likely require that you verify your email address. If you change your email, you will need to re-verify. There are two different ways to verify your email on the website:


1) Go to your settings:


Make sure the email address is correct and click on "verify now" under the email box. The message will briefly turn green and we will automatically send you an email to the address in the box.

Log in to your email and find the recent email message from Duolingo. 




Hit the "confirm email" button and you will be taken back to Duolingo. You should be verified!




2) If you attempt to add a friend and your email is not yet verified, you will get a pop-up that looks like this: 



The pop up appears telling you it has sent you an email, and lists the email address we have on record. Hitting OK will close the pop-up. You will still need to go to your email inbox and verify your email (see email screenshot above).

If the email listed is incorrect, you can select "edit email address" and fix it in the settings (remember to hit "save" after editing!)

This pop up will appear every time you attempt a social interaction on Duolingo without a verified email address.