How do I allow Duolingo to use my microphone on Chrome?

In order to practice your speaking skills, please give Duolingo permission to access your microphone on Google Chrome. If your issue is not with your Google Chrome browser, you may want to check the article My microphone is not working. How can I fix it?
Fixing the issue on Google Chrome
The first time you use Duolingo in Google Chrome, you will be asked to allow Duolingo to use your mic. You should see the following prompt from the top left, and you should select "allow":
allow chrome to use duolingo

If you accidentally "Block" Duolingo from accessing your microphone, your speech challenges that involve microphones will not work from now on. There are two methods you can use to edit your microphone permission to re-allow Duolingo to access your microphone.
1) When you are in a speech challenge that requires a microphone, you should be able to find a video camera icon at the end of your browser's address bar.

video camera icon
a) Click the video camera icon on your address bar, choose "Always allow to access your microphone," then click "Done".

 b) That's it, you should be ready to go!
2) ​​Another way to fix this is to edit your microphone permissions on Chrome, by removing Duolingo from the blocked lists. You can do this by: 
a) On the top right of your browser window, click the Chrome menu Chrome settings menu icon, then click Settings.

b) Click Show advanced settings....


c) In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.


d) In the "Microphone" section, click Manage exceptions
e) Find on the list under "Hostname pattern". If the "Behavior" is "Block" (or anything but "Allow"). Click the X to remove it.

​f) Click "Done".

g) Next time you see a speech challenge, click the microphone button. A prompt will be shown and ask your permission to let Duolingo access your computer's microphone.
​h) Remember to click "Allow" and you should be all set!