How do I report abuse?

Duolingo takes abuse very seriously. We will ban someone or remove their account if they refuse to follow the rules and are harming the community. The following can be considered very serious violations:

  • Spamming
  • Hate speech
  • Using offensive language
  • Stalking and bullying
  • Posting inappropriate materials
  • Not following our guidelines

Please do not report a person if all they are doing is expressing an opinion that you don't like. We do not remove accounts because of points of view we disagree with, as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner without attacking individuals or a group of people. 

1. If someone is bothering you personally, you can block them.

2. If you would like to report someone who should have their account removed for breaking the rules, please fill out the Submit a Bug Report form and select [Report Abuse] from the "Type of issue" drop-down menu. Include a screenshot and the usernames of those involved so that we can investigate.