What are the Moderator Guidelines?

Below you'll find the guidelines for all moderators on Duolingo. Wonder who the moderators are or how to become one? Check out this article.

Duolingo Community Moderator Guidelines

As a Forum moderator, you are volunteering for one of the largest language learning communities in the world. We at Duolingo see you as a leader and a main contributor to the language discussions. The primary purpose is not to police others, but to take an active role posting relevant content and contributing to discussions in order to set the tone for the types of conversations you yourself would like to see more of.

Things we encourage Duolingo moderators to:

  • Be reasonable
  • Help new learners feel welcome if you happen to see one
  • Help new and/or confused members in the discussion and community
  • Lead by example: show others how to contribute positively to the community
  • Add relevant and helpful commentary to the discussion threads
  • Encourage awesome posts by our members
  • Make sure the Duolingo community guidelines are upheld
  • Try your best to let members know why or when their comments or threads are getting removed
  • Report abuse and emergency issues to Global Moderators and/or Staff
  • Support and communicate with other moderators, trying to reach a consensus before speaking “officially” to Duolingo members
  • Remove irrelevant or outdated content, as well as repeated comments on the same thread
  • Remove personal info such as telephone numbers and email addresses. Be reasonable, and help us protect some of our members who aren’t aware of the risks of sharing private information publicly.
  • Before making a comment or taking harsh measures of any kind, please remember that this person could be your grandpa, or your nephew. We have learners from all backgrounds and ages and need to be sensitive and respectful when interacting with others.

Also, if you are a Global Moderator:

  • Be reasonable and use your abilities responsibly
  • Meet with Duolingo staff occasionally (virtually on G+ or Skype)
  • Report serious issues, even if they were dealt with, to the Duolingo Community Team

Moderators (all), please do not:

  • Delete entire discussions before making sure they break the guidelines (this is hard to undo)
  • Delete threads or discussions based on your personal views and dislikes. If in doubt, consult your fellow moderators.
  • Delete threads just because they are critical of Duolingo
  • Ban or request bans without a member having broken any guidelines
  • Speak “for” Duolingo without double checking the information you are about to release
  • Go overboard with the number of sticky comments
  • Publish personal correspondence and images publicly before obtaining permission from all of those involved—community members and/or staff

General rule of thumb: Check with other moderators before taking an action you are unsure of.

*Moderation privileges can and will be revoked if necessary, but we hope we won’t have to. We’re happy to have your help. You can have them revoked if: you ask us to, we get a high number of complaints, you’ve been inactive for too long, or you simply aren’t following the guidelines.

Last updated: July 23, 2015