How is the Duolingo English Test different from Duolingo's other tests and quizzes?

Within Duolingo, learners can skip ahead by taking a placement test or unlock certain portions of their courses by clicking the padlock buttons. Timed practice, lessons and flashcards also help assess strengths and weaknesses. Progress quizzes (available to some learners through the Lingot store) offer estimated fluency scores.

The Duolingo English Test and its score are separate from the Duolingo learning website and app. The paid version of the Duolingo English Test is validated by a human proctor to ensure the highest level of accuracy and validity. Unlike the progress quiz for self assessment, the Duolingo English Test score is more than a proficiency estimate and can be used on resumes and applications.

You can take a free practice test on Duolingo English Test to get an idea of how well you would do on the official Duolingo English Test. When you're ready, you can take the paid version that is proctored and officially accepted by many institutions all over the world as an affordable and guaranteed evaluation of your language skills.