Who are the forum moderators?

The forum moderators are hand-selected members of the Duolingo community who are here to help us learners maintain a healthy and collaborative learning environment in the forums. We spotted them by noticing the love they showed for learning, collaboration, community, teaching, and Duolingo—you can spot them by looking for the green or gold ring around their avatar (which indicates they are a Global Ambassador), and also a small "MOD" tag near their username. The mod tag indicates that a particular Global Ambassador can moderate that forum you see the tag in.


You can always thank them for being so awesome and support their efforts by upvoting helpful user comments, downvoting spam, and offensive messages, and making sure you and your friends are following Duolingo's Guidelines. Unacceptable forum posts and behavior may result in warnings, deletions, and even bans at trusted moderators' discretion.

Fun facts about Duolingo moderators:

  • Moderators can delete comments in forums where you can see their "MOD" badge
  • Most forum moderators do not have moderating powers in all forums
  • They volunteer to moderate—this is not a paid position. This means that they deserve all our appreciation and respect 
  • They are learners just like us!


Want to become a moderator?

Now if you think you'd be a great moderator, all you have to do is to fill out our application form :)

Some things that might increase your chances to become a forum moderator:

  • Be super helpful, respectful, welcoming, and polite in the forums. Mods keep an eye on caring and knowledgeable community members and remember them when new moderating slots open up
  • Be an active member of Duolingo
  • Be a calm and positive participant in conversations
  • Be considerate when it comes to username, wording, avatar, bio and other choices associated with your account
  • Create interesting and relevant forum posts regularly, or help answer questions within the course