How do I report a problem with a sentence or translation?

When you have feedback about errors in sentences or translations, please report the incorrect sentence directly to the course maintainers. 

NOTE: All Sentence discussions are now read-only. Previously, Android and web users were able to participate in sentence discussions. However, they are now read-only across all platforms.


1. After submitting your answer, select "Report". On mobile, it will be represented as a flag icon. 



2. Select an option depending on the issue you want to report. For example, you can pick "My answer should be accepted." This will highlight the possible mistake for the course maintainers.



3. Select "The audio is missing" if there is no sound whatsoever in the exercise, especially important for exercises that require audio in order to solve the sentence.


4. Click on "The dictionary hints on hover are wrong" if the definitions that show up when you hover on the words are incorrect. 


5. Click on "The dictionary hints on hover are missing" if the definitions that show up when you hover on the words are missing. 


6. If there is a discrepancy in the audio while completing a translation exercise, please choose "The audio does not sound correct". You will also see this option in speaking exercises.


7. If the above reasons do not align with the problem, please select "Something else went wrong"


All of this feedback goes directly to the course maintainers and they collect these reports to fix mistakes and add possible translations to the phrase.