How do I report an issue with the course?

There are two types of issues you can report when it comes to language courses. You can report specific sentences, or you can provide feedback about the language course in general.

When you have feedback about errors in specific sentences and translations, please follow the steps aligned here. This feedback goes directly to the course maintainers, and they collect these reports to fix mistakes and add possible translations to the phrase. 

 If you have general feedback about a course or language (such as the voice used, grammar questions, or just praise for the team), please communicate directly with the Incubator team for that course. You can contact them via their course specific forum:

1. Click on the Discuss button on the top part of the page:


2. To the right, you will see a list of forums that you are following. You can click on one to isolate it and post new questions and feedback. You can manage the list of subscriptions by clicking on the "EDIT" button on the sidebar. 


3. A pop-up window will appear. Select the forums you want to follow by clicking "Subscribe". Click anywhere outside the window to close the subscription pop-up.


4. Select the appropriate forum and post your feedback directly to the Duo team and fellow learners!