What is Duolingo Max?

Duolingo Max is a new subscription to give a more in-depth learning experience. Duolingo Max includes all the benefits of Super Duolingo, along with two brand new AI powered features: Explain My Answer, and Roleplay. Learn more about these new features here!


At launch, Duolingo Max is on the iOS version of the Duolingo app in the following regions: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States.

Max features are supported in the following courses:

  • French for English Speakers
  • Spanish for English Speakers

If you are learning a course that is not yet supported, you will still have access to Super Duolingo benefits.

To ensure an incredible experience, we are slowly releasing this subscription, starting with a small set of learners. If you don't see the option to upgrade to Duolingo Max, don't worry. It will be available to more users very soon!

Family Plan

Duolingo Max can be purchased as an individual subscription, or as a family plan to share with 5 other users! If a member of your family plan does not use the iOS version of Duolingo, or is learning a course that does not currently support Max features, they will still have access to all other Super Duolingo subscription features (unlimited hearts, no ads, mistakes review, etc.).

Upgrading From Super Duolingo

Existing Super Duolingo Subscribers (including Family Plan managers) can upgrade to a Duolingo Max subscription from the Duolingo iOS app. When you upgrade, Apple will bill you for the full price of the Duolingo Max subscription, and issue a prorated refund for your previous Super Duolingo subscription based on how much time is remaining in your previous subscription period. If you are currently in a free trial period, you may upgrade to Max for the remainder of the trial, and will be billed for a Max subscription unless you cancel 24 hours before the trial expires.