Tips for navigating Tinycards

"I've logged in to Tinycards, now what do the navigation icons mean? Where do I go to change profile picture, or create a new deck? How do I find decks or change my password?"

We've got you.

Tips for basic Tinycards navigation


Once logged in, your account will open to your homepage


Next to the homepage tab you'll see the magnifying glass which represents your search bar


To create a deck, you can do that using the plus symbol next to the magnifying glass icon


If you would like to access your account settings, click on the tab that has a person icon: 


In your account settings, you can edit profile, access account settings, notifications, send feedback and sign out


Once signed out, you'll return to your login/sign up page


At the bottom of that page you'll see a Down Arrow. Selecting this will take you to the page below where you can Search, Create a Deck and browse the most popular and Trending decks in Tinycards while logged out.


So there it is. Now the best next step is to find a deck to study or create your own to learn and share!