Introducing Duolingo Labs!

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Labs are currently only available on the English version of Duolingo's website. It contains experiments and prototypes of ideas users are welcome to help us test. Experiments in Duolingo Labs may be removed at any time, and are also generally considered unpolished and limited in some fashion. To see Labs, make sure your Duolingo interface is in English. There are currently no plans to add it to the iOS and Android apps, although you should be able to access it on the website on your mobile browser.


Text of announcement:

Today we're launching the first big feature on the new websiteDuolingo Labs!

Duolingo Labs is a place where you can test out some experimental prototypes that we're working on here at Duolingo. You will be able to opt in to certain experiments, check out new projects, or participate in studies that help us figure out how to teach you best. Note that we will still be running A/B tests as usual that won't necessarily be in Labs, and projects can be discontinued at any point.

Labs is currently available to all website users learning a language from English. You can get there by clicking on the "Labs" tab on the top bar.

The first Labs project is ready to test today! We're excited to present Duolingo Stories - our way of bringing narrative and storytelling into language learning. Check out Steve's forum post for more info on this new project, which is geared towards more advanced learners.

Many more projects to come — stay tuned!


See full Labs announcement post here.


Last updated June 23rd, 2017