Labs project: Duolingo Stories

We are currently testing a project called Duolingo Stories in Duolingo Labs.

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Please read the comments for answers of common questions.

Common questions:

Why not in the language I want?

This is an experimental Duolingo Labs feature, meaning we are testing a project on a small scale to see how it does before investing time and money into expanding into all the languages/platforms, etc. That is how Duolingo Labs projects work, as @karint mentioned in her Labs announcement post. We want to invite the community to help us try out new ideas and give you a glimpse of little projects we are working on—even if the idea is not yet fully fleshed out or available in their favorite language. We hope you all enjoy the early peek of these fun prototypes anyway!

But why begin with Spanish and Portuguese?

This is experimental; the languages we chose to experiment with depended on the available resources the people creating this prototype had available, and not on other factors, such as number of learners.

When is X happening/coming to Stories?

As any Labs project, it is experimental, so we are not even sure we are keeping this project yet.

Labs features are there for us all to test concepts and new ideas, and may evolve into an actual supported feature, or be removed completely at any time. If it is still in Labs, it is probably too early to know any dates.

Last updated September 29, 2017