What controls are offered to teachers?

Last updated: May 25, 2018

Currently, teachers and parents are able to enable/disable the following features for their students when using Duolingo for Schools:

Discussion forums: Where students can participate in discussions with other users, often native speakers or fellow learners, including the Duolingo team. If enabled, students will be allowed to post/view comments and posts in the forums and sentence discussions.

Events Page: Students with this enabled will be allowed to view the Duolingo Events page, which allows Duolingo users in a certain location to get together in public places, in real life, to practice languages.   

Social Profile:  If enabled, students will be able to "follow" or "friend" each other and other Duolingo users, so they can compete in leaderboards and visit each other's profiles.  

Mature words: Teachers can choose to show/hide grown-up vocabulary words from student exercises (words like "beer" and "murder"). 

By default, all social features are disabled for Duolingo for Schools students. To edit your classroom settings, please go to How do I enable social features for my students?