Can a student share progress with more than one teacher?

Yes! If a different teacher, a friend, or a parent want to track a student's progress, they can send a second request to that student and follow them as well.

If you are a student, you can still keep track of who is following your learning progress by going your Progress sharing settings.

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As a student, you can enter a teacher’s or parent’s email address and join one of their existing classrooms (from the same settings page). If the email you enter is already associated with a teacher account, Duolingo will automatically offer a list of that teacher’s classrooms for students to choose from. This avoids typos and makes everything super easy!

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If a student wants to send updates of their progress to a parent who does not have a Duolingo account, they can enter their email anyway. Parents or private tutors (for example) can still receive updates of student progress via email. Remember these settings are done from the student account. This means that teachers who want to “share” a student can do so, and learners who want to start a friendly family competition can do it too!

Please note that for now, these settings cannot be edited through the mobile apps.