What if something is still not working?

If you have looked through the help page and tried everything and something is not working as it should, please follow the steps below.

Try using Google Chrome as a browser and see if that could be the issue Check the affected account’s Progress sharing settings, Notifications settings to make sure nothing is unchecked or misspelled. Look through this Schools FAQ (type Ctrl+F and search for the word you’re looking for) or visit the Duolingo FAQ. Search the questions in the Educator’s forum. Post a question there if you can’t find an answer and staff and community will answer it. This is the quickest way to get a response, and it is also the most considerate as others may have the same issue. It also helps us discover bugs quicker. :) If you need to send us student information (username, devices, etc), you might want to send us an email instead. Send it to teachers@duolingo.com.