What if a student doesn’t have an email address?

Students need to have their own accounts in order to be tracked by you, and to have an account, they need to sign up with an email address. This email usually belongs to the student, but it could belong to a parent or teacher as well. It is used for sending practice reminders (can be turned off) and to retrieve lost passwords. If you can’t ask students to create accounts because of email issues and restrictions, there is still a way you can help them enjoy Duolingo.

You can create student accounts by adding a + symbol and characters after it, between your name and the @ symbol. For example, let's say you have a student called a student called Maria B. in your 2015 class. If you have/create a gmail account called myname@gmail.com, you can add her to your class by creating an account using the email address myname+mariab15@gmail.com. This may not work with all email providers, and we recommend you test it before adopting this method. More about this here.

Advantages of doing it this way:

  • Students can create accounts without having an email address
  • Teacher gets all emails and notifications (however, students do not get reminders)
  • Teacher can help students recover lost passwords (although now there is a way to reset directly from your teacher account)
  • Teachers can always pass student account to student/parents once they leave their class (pass on account to new email address)
  • Teachers can set up entire class before school starts!