What can I do with Duolingo for Schools?

Track Student Progress:
Duolingo for Schools is built in a way that allows you to track several Duolingo learners at the same time. You can see their XP (points), streak days and timestamps of recent activity. You can also see how far into the course they are by clicking on “Course progress” on the sidebar.


Explore Course:
Enter your classroom and select “Curriculum” on the sidebar on the left. You will be able to explore lists of words and try a sample lesson to see what your students will see (although theirs will be adapted to their unique word strength).


Classroom Activities:
Check out the classroom activities we have created especially for you. To access them, select “Class activities” from the sidebar on the left. There you’ll be able to access games such as “Flashcards” and “Power practice.” These are tailored to your students’ average level and are fun for everyone! Let us know how you use them, share your activity plan with teachers@duolingo.com


Share Ideas with Fellow Educators:
If you have a great idea of how to use Duolingo within a specific context, created a beautiful wall system, or came up with a game that is a hit with children or adults, please share with your fellow teachers. You can post all about it in the forums, or share with us via email. If you share with us, please let us know if you are OK with us sharing the idea and/or pictures you sent.


Reset Student Passwords:
Help students reset their passwords so they can regain access to their accounts.


Set assignments and track student completion for easy grading and assessment.