I teach English or ELL/ESL, what do I do?

If you teach ESL or ELL, we understand you would like some new features to be added to Duolingo for Schools in order to improve your experience. We are taking this into consideration and plan to make this platform the best it can be for all educators.

At the moment, our platform can only generate classroom lessons if it knows the language the students are learning from (which is the same as the interface they use) and the language they are learning (for example “Spanish”).

If students are from different language backgrounds, or are learning different languages, and you want them all in the same classroom, select “No specific language.” Some options may limit the in-class activities we offer. Remember, each student can choose the exact course they are taking from their own accounts.

You can also create separate classrooms for each course, meaning if you have 5 students learning English from Chinese, you can group them together in the same Duolingo classroom.