What if my student isn’t receiving assignment and password reset emails?

In order for your student to receive an assignment notification, you first need to make sure they are in your classroom before you send out the assignment. Only current students will be included in the assignment. If a student joins your classroom later, after the task has been assigned, they will not be included. However, if you really wanted to do this, you could move new students to a new, temporary classroom and create an identical assignment for them, and then move them to the original group.

There could be many reasons for the email issue:

Duolingo emails could be going to their spam folder. Please ask them to check (and mark the message as not spam. Add Duolingo to “trusted contacts”). If they use Gmail, check the social tab. Sometimes Duolingo emails go there:

  • Ask a system administrator if your school/institution has a firewall or restrictions that could be blocking Duolingo email notifications. We cannot fix those restrictions on our end.
  • Ask the affected student(s) if they are sure they have written the correct email address in their Account settings page. They can check by visiting their settings page while logged in.
  • Ask them to double check that they are in fact enrolled in the correct classroom. They can verify this in their Progress Sharing settings (while they are logged in).
  • Have the students visit their Notifications Setttings and see if they have unsubscribed from any type of notification. Try adjusting those preferences and try again.
  • If they at some point marked Duolingo as spam, we may have stopped sending them Duolingo emails. In that case please collect all usernames of those affected and do step 8.

If none of the above fixed the issue, please email us more information. Compile a list of the usernames of your students that are affected, and send us as much information as possible: Your username, the name of the class, the devices you are using, the browser you are using, whether they are receiving other Duolingo emails and emails from similar services, and anything else you might suspect is different about your context. Email us at our teacher feedback email teachers@duolingo.com (this is the email we use to look at stories and images of schools using Duolingo and being awesome, but we can also help teachers fix issues that contain information that is too sensitive for the educator’s forum).