Can I assign a skill or lesson for my students?

You can create and assign two different types of assignments to your students.

The first allows you to assign them to collect experience points or XP, for short. The dropdown menu offers both short and long assignments, each correlating with a specific number of XP and an approximated practice time. For example, earn 20 XP for about 10 mins of practice time. 

The second assignment type is to assign students the task of leveling up a skill. If you create a level up assignment for a particular skill, it will require all students to complete a level within that skill set. If they have already finished two levels, that will mean they need to complete the third level for the assignment to count as completed. This will include more sessions and more difficult challenge types. If the skill is locked or hasn't been started by the student yet, it will become unlocked and they will just need to finish the first level.


Once you've created the assignment and set the 'start' and 'due' dates, your students will be sent an email with the selected assignment and its correlating due date. This email will also give them information about how far they are from that goal (meaning, what other skills they need to do, or how many points they are missing).

The Assignments view will show you students' progress and whether they have completed the goal on time, late, or didn't do the assignment at all. When looking at your students' progress the checkmark means your student reached level 5 and lower levels will look like colored pie charts of progress.


In the "Students" tab, you'll find more information about individual student progress.

More class overview options are available under the "More details" button in the "Students" section.