How do I block follow emails and other notifications?

If you want to stop receiving certain notifications or emails, you can edit your preferences in your settings.

Note that some of these may affect announcements you have signed up for (such as a new language launch), assignments, and other important Duolingo notifications--so please be careful when unsubscribing.


On web:

1. Tap your profile picture and select settings

2. On the right, tap "Notifications" and you can edit your Notification dashboard here.

For example, if you don't want to be notified when someone starts following you, you can uncheck that box. Remember to save changes using the green button on the top right.


NOTE: If you need to edit Event notifications, please adjust preferences here


On Android and iOS app:

1. Click the Profile tab and then click "Settings" towards the top-right.

2. Scroll down towards your Notifications, and you can toggle on/off email and push notifications for a variety of actions: practice reminders, leaderboard, streak freeze, new followers, etc...

NOTE: If you toggle ON in-app notifications, you may need to enable permissions and allow notifications on your device