Can I disable the flirting skill for my students?

You can disable all mature vocabulary on Duolingo for Schools following these instructions. This hides references to words like "alcohol", "wine" etc. from the Duolingo course and will work as long as the student is enrolled in your Duolingo for Schools classroom. Individual parents can also do this by also becoming their "teacher" in case you don't want to do it for all your students.

This is also how you can disable the flirting skill — when you disable mature vocabulary as linked above, the flirting skill will automatically be hidden.   

For your information, the flirting skill is:

  1. Only accessible if the student “purchases” it with lingots or gems, so it is not part of their course from the get-go. By looking at your student’s course, you would easily be able to tell if they bought that skill to add it to their skill set and decide what to do from there.
  2. The flirting skill is more cheesy than inappropriate. But there are some sentences that could bother more sensitive audiences, such as "Your place or mine?". However, nothing explicit is present in the skill, and it will never contain swearing.
  3. If your students are in high school, this skill tends to be extremely popular and work well for engagement. But if you are working with students, parents or admins who are not okay with it, you could also ask students not to download the bonus skill (as it is not a required part of the course).  


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