What is my username?

If you like, you can use your username to log in, instead of your whole email. Your username is unique and cannot have special characters or spaces. Sometimes it is automatically generated when you create your account. But how can you find out what your Duolingo username is? 


On Web:

When logged in to your account, simply take a look at the name next to your picture. That is your username.



On Android:

1. Select the three dots on the top-right of the screen, and choose "Settings".


2. Your username is right under your name, as shown below. You'll be able to edit your Duolingo account info here, as well.



On iOS devices: 

1. Choose the profile tab located towards the bottom of the app. 


2. Your username will be located at the top. If you need to edit your Username (password, email, name, and profile picture), click "Settings" towards the top-left. 


3. You'll be able to edit your Duolingo account info here. Your username is between your name and your password. It should be unique and contain no spaces or special characters.




If you need to change your username, please follow these instructions.