What if I come across inappropriate content on Tinycards?

If you see inappropriate content on Tinycards, please report it to us immediately via the app. 

There are thousands of decks created and published regularly by our learners. Although we cannot vet them all manually, the app, the staff, and the community do their best to make sure any inappropriate content vanishes as quickly as they attempt to get published. However, since most decks are user-created, there is always a risk that a person wanting to learn a deck comes across something that escaped us. We will continue to work on ways to make it difficult for these bad cards to ever see the light of day. And you can help us catch them faster by reporting. 

If you want to avoid surprises, take a peek at the "Cards" tab. You'll be able to preview all cards in a deck before doing the lessons.

Accounts creating inappropriate decks risk having their deck removed, their privileges cut or their entire account disabled without prior notice.


How to report an inappropriate card on iOS

Start by selecting the "Cards" tab:




Scroll to the card. You can tap the card to flip it and see the other side:


Once you find the bad card, select the exclamation mark that allows you to report problems with that particular card above it:



Select "this card is inappropriate" and follow the instructions to send us an email report.



Thank you for helping us keep Tinycards enjoyable!