Why can't I see my assignments?

Students can only see assignments in the email provided for their Duolingo account or on their Duolingo website home page. If you are on the website and cannot see your active assignments, use the following checklist to find the issue:

1. Make sure you are logged in to your account and that you are on the website duolingo.com (assignments are not displayed on the apps). Helpful article (opens in new window): What is my username?

2. Check that you are being tracked by the teacher who created the assignment (double check the username/email of that teacher, sometimes teachers have more than one account). You can check these details under "progress sharing" in your settings.

3. Ask your teacher to verify that you are in the correct classroom that has the active assignment.

4. Are you in the correct language course? Check the flag next to your avatar on the top blue bar of the website, as well as your interface language (meaning the language Duolingo's links and buttons are in). If you are not in the right course, click on the flag next to your avatar or change the course in your settings to match the language course you are learning with that teacher.

If you followed all these steps and things are still not working, please create a new post in the Educator's forum as a bug (or add a comment to a similar post so we know the potential bug is affecting a larger number of people). We check often for upvoted bugs and requests and will be able to check this for you. Sharing information such as what device you and your teacher are trying, images, and information that will help us reproduce the problem on our end will be really helpful!