How do I add students to my Duolingo classroom?

After creating your classroom, follow the instructions:

Give your classroom a name and select a language. If your students are learning different language, you can still create a classroom, but it might not give you course-specific features that a specific language classroom would have access to. It will, however, allow you to track your students' progress.


From there, you can add students in two ways.

Option #1: Classroom link or Code. This will only work if your students have an email address or facebook account in order to create their own accounts once they see the link. This is ideal for when you can email your students or post the link on a shared document your students can access. This option will also provide you with a classroom code. Your students will click on the link and be taken to Duolingo, where they will be prompted to either log in or create a free Duolingo account. They will also need to allow you to track their progress in order to appear as one of your students.

You can copy the link and share it with your students, or you can ask them to access the website and enter the access code (the classroom code is easier to write on the board, for example). 

After that, you will be prompted to download instructions for your records explaining to students how they can join the classroom. If you like, you can print this and give it out to your students. The sheet includes instructions and the classroom code. After you download, click "Continue" and you're done!

Option #2: Create accounts for your students ahead of time. This is ideal if you are trying to leave everything set up before class and you already know all your students' email addresses—or if your students don't have Duolingo accounts or email addresses and you want to make it easier for them to join without having to create their own accounts. Select "Create accounts for my students" and click "Continue."

Start adding your student's names and press return or click on "add." When you are done adding names, press "Continue."

Now it's time to add their email addresses! If your students do not have email addresses, leave it blank and select "Create accounts."

Print the sheet and with the information and you're all set! Once your students log in, they will be able to change their usernames, emails and passwords at any time in their settings. Let's start learning!